Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kinderbauerhof am Mauerplatz

There are a number of city farms dotted across the city. We discovered the Kinderbauerhof am Mauerplatz when we were staying at Central Homes in Heinrich Heine Strasse. It is built, like many, on a stretch of land where the Wall once stood.

There is a reasonable selection of animal for a small space, including sheep, goats, chickens and horses, to keep children entertained for a while. When we were there they were brushing the horses down for the night and children were encouraged to watch, help and ask questions.

As you would expect, it can get a bit muddy in wet weather so wellies are a good idea. The people who run the farm live on site so it is important to respect the signs asking visitors not to enter the living area.

Address: Leuschnerdamm 9, 10999 Berlin

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