Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Playgrounds near Central Homes @ Heinrich Heine Strasse

There is a temporary housing apartment block on the edge of Mitte and Kreuzberg called Central Homes, Heinrich Heine Strasse, which is recommended by a number of relocation companies for families to stay in whilst searching for a permanent apartment in Berlin.

We stayed there for two months whilst looking for a home and discovered a number of playgrounds within walking distance, which are great for getting out of the apartment.

Here are addresses for the ones we liked.

Waldemarstrasse - a huge adventure playground with rope bridges, climbing towers, zip lines and much more.

There is a double playground on two sides of a street close to Naunynstrasse. Again some great climbing opportunities and a wooden donkey!

There is a small playground about five minutes from the apartment building close to a school that worth a  pop in. Map link