Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fleamarkets this Sunday in Prenzlauer Berg

Fleamarkets are a great way to pick up great finds at great prices and have a nice day in the process.

This Sunday and (once every month) the kids' flea market is taking place at Helmholtzplatz. It will be our first time there and I am looking forward to seeing what the Prenzlauer Berg families have to sell.

Every Sunday there is, of course, the famous flea market at Mauerpark and a smaller one at Arkonplatz. I have heard the Mauerpark one can get busy so strollers may be worth leaving at home but it is an experience!

Word is that locals get there early for the best bargains!

Web links
Arkonplatz Flohmarkt - starts at 10am
Mauerpark Flohmarkt - starts at 9am
Helmholzplatz Flohmarkt - starts at 10am