Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Playgrounds at Arnimplatz

It is by design I am sure but there always seems to be a great playground close to excellent kinder cafes and the playground at Arnimplatz (by Milchbart and Freund Blase kinder cafes) is no exception.

The green leafy park always seem to be a bit of a sun spot even when there is limited sunshine and as well as a small seating area and green spaces there are two playgrounds.

The first follows the style of many here in Berlin with wooden climbing structures, slides and swings surrounded by sand, which after a weekend with a busy four year old I can vouch for its cushioning qualities!

There is also a small rock climbing wall (see below)

The second playground is aimed at an older age group with more difficult climbing structures and an enclosed football area.

Address: Arnimplatz, 10439 Berlin