Friday, 29 June 2012

Walking Berlin - Museum Insel and Unter den Linden

This is the second Walking Berlin feature. Again the walk took around 2 and a bit hours. We started at Oranienburgstrasse and crossed  the Montbijoubrucke to Museum Insel  and walked around this end of the island, looking at the buildings on the way. If you want to you can visit any of the museum here as part of this walk as we went by all of them but we didn't. For more information about Museum Insel click here.

We had a good explore around the buildings as this area is mainly car free and there is a lot of green space.

We moved onto the Lustgarten in front of the Neue Museum and the Berliner Dom and had a good run around on the grass and along the river front. This walk gave me a good chance to look at some of the most historic buildings in the centre of Berlin and also for my son to have space to safely roam about.

Nice shady area by the river was a good place to stop of a drink and a snack.

Next we went into the Humboldt Box, something that I had been curious about for a while. I paid 4€ to get in and my son was free. There was no where to put the buggy so we had to keep it with us. It wasn't a problem as there was a lift and the inside areas were very spacious.

The box is the information centre of the ambitious project of rebuilding the Berlin Schloss, a project which is estimated to cost 80m€ and will be completed by 2019. The model above shows where the new building will be in relation to the Box. The staff in the exhibition was friendly, informative and also spoke English.

There is a viewing area at the top of the Box which gives great views both ways down and up Unter den Linden and the current construction sites.

Next we walked up Unter den Linden towards the Brandenburg Gate, taking in the sites as we went. Above is Babelplatz.

We headed to the Ritter Sport Schokowelt on Franzosische Strasse. The exhibition here is a bit dull but the highlight is being able, for 3€90, to create your own Ritter Sport bar by choosing three ingredients and the type of chocolate, then half an hour later you can collect your finished bar. Great fun for kids to chose between gummi bears and jelly beans at one end of the spectrum to nuts on the other. We made one for father's day and Noah chose 100s and 1000s, coloured rice crispies and hazelnuts.

The finished bar.

We finally end the morning with lunch in a Sushi restaurant called Edo on Behrenstrasse. They have high chairs but no changing table. My son loves sushi but if your children don't there are plenty of places to eat nearby on Unter den Linden, like Casa Italia.

On the map of this walk, I have added an extra bit of route that takes you up to the Brandenburg Gate, if you have more time or want to skip the Ritter Sport experience.

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