Friday, 27 July 2012

Deutsches Technikmuseum

This museum in Kreuzberg has been on our list to see for a while as my son is a transport fiend.  It is a fantastically curated museum even if you are not excited by the subject matter. It is a place where you could easily lose a day if you saw everything there is to offer. We went for a morning and it kept my son constantly entertained.

They have a huge amount of space inside which means there is a lot of real size exhibits of airplanes, trains and ships.

Also great views across to the TV Tower when all the transport gets too much.

The train shed was a bit hit with us but my son was slightly disappointed that you couldn't climb into the old trains.

The whole place is very much geared up for families with loads of public toilets with sign posts letting you know how close they are. They use the same principle for all the signposting. They also have benches dotted around with signs saying that it is OK to eat on them.

The outside train area and the museum park are lovely if the sun is shining. It wasn't when we visited so we didn't explore out here too much, maybe next time. There is also a big picnic area.

There is a little cafe attached to the museum to the left of the entrance which serves reasonable German style food and doesn't look like a canteen which you often see in museum cafes in the UK.

All in all, a well thoughtout museum that is excellent value for money.

Address: Trebbiner Strasse 9, 10963 Berlin

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