Friday, 6 July 2012

Kochhaus Review - Romantic Dinner

Kochhaus is a fantastic concept and our local branch is close to Eberswalder Strasse U bahn. This is how it works; the shop is made up of a number of tables each with a recipe card and all the ingredients needed to produce a delicious dish - from simple soups and pasta to more elaborate dishes and desserts. Each one guides you as to how much to purchase for 2, 4 or 6 people, it tells you the time the dish takes to make and also the cost per head. All the ingredients are fresh and in the correct quantities so there is no need to rush from one shop to another to prepare a lovely homemade dish.

It was our fifth wedding anniversary and, as we don't have a babysitter for our son, I decided to try out the Kochhaus concept and make a restaurant style meal at home. I plumped for the Beef Wellington with a tomato and rocket salad for the main dish.

This is the table in the shop and the dish is 9.70€ per head. Whilst I had some of the ingredients at home I wanted to give the Kochhaus a genuine try so bought all their ingredients.

I prepared the bulk of the dish whilst my husband bathed my son. The salad and dressing were ready in a short time and I cooked the mushroom and thyme topping in advance. All that was left to do after bedtime with to cook the pastry and beef filet, and plate up. Above on the left is the photo of the dish from the recipe card and the right hand plate is mine. I would say that it was easy to replicate the dish and it looked just as good when I finished it as the card photo. As they say the proof is in the eating and it was delicious. 

For dessert I chose baked peaches filled with a mint ricotta with candied pistachios. Again I prepared the ricotta filling and nuts in advance and simply baked the peaches whilst we were eating the main course and assembled the dessert afterwards. 

Again, my version (on the right) was almost the same as the one on the recipe card. It was a nice dessert and I can't fault their recipe but it was not totally to our taste, so not one for a repeat.

So the plus points:

Easy to shop
Easy to cook 
Tasty, good quality ingredients
Well thought out recipes
Easy to follow instructions (even with basic German)
Both these dishes would impress at a dinner party but would be equally suitable for a saturday night meal in
Correct portion control
Good value

One downside
I think they intend you to cook the dish on the day of purchasing the ingredients so the vegetables are at their prime that day and not so happy the day after.

I love the concept and the finished meal did not disappoint, I would definitely be trying more in the future.

Address: Schönhauser Allee 46 10437 Berlin

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