Monday, 20 August 2012

Efa's Frozen Yoghurt

We were delighted to discover another great fro-yo place and so close to one of our favourite playgrounds on Weinbergweg. Efa's is all organic and sugar free (sweetened with fruit sugar). The formula is very similar to Yoli's but the interior is a bit more special.

They have an outdoor seated area, bar stool window area and booths in front of the counter.

They offer free wifi and there is a great lounge area in the back for chilled out surfing. It is a great stop so close to a great playground and nestled amongst lots of other cool shops.

Best of all (for a VW lover like me) they have a split screen converted into an ice cream van that regularly travels down to the Eastside Gallery.

Address: Weinbergweg 24, 10119 Berlin


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