Thursday, 2 August 2012

Shopping Special - Dunckerstrasse

This is the second post about shops around Helmholz Platz. This time Dunckerstrasse.

There are many lovely shops here but we particularly liked Der Holzkopf, a shop selling exclusively wooden toys (with some metal where appropriate for example spinning tops and glockenspiel). We also managed to get new rubber handle bar grips for our second hand balance bike. They have recently suffered water damage in their shop so the space is smaller than it was but the selection is amazing. They are also a theatre kasse, selling theatre tickets.

Address: Der Holtzkopf, Dunckerstrasse 16, 10437 Berlin

Next door is the super cute Garden of Anouk, a must for mums of little girls, which was due to open at 12 noon so too late for us on this day.

AddressDunckerstrasse 17, 10437 Berlin

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