Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Idee Creativmarkt

I made a rare trip to KaDeWe on Saturday for a bit of a make over at Bobbi Brown and took the opportunity to visit Idee Creativmarkt. There are two branches in Berlin (the other is in Wilmersdorf) and whilst this one is part of the KaDeWe department store it is located in a separate building behind the main store.

I am a fan of Planet Modular but I felt that Idee carried a better selection of arts and crafts materials aimed at or suitable for preschoolers and older children. It was nice to browse at collaging materials and other colourful paraphernalia (see below).

There were also a number of kits aimed at children (see below). There was also a good selection of books with project ideas. I bought a book entitled Bastelhits für Kids - Naturmaterialien, full of ideas for crafting projects using natural materials. It is in German but with basic knowledge of the language, it is very easy to understand and has some great ideas.

The store is well worth a visit for inspiration but they also have a great shopping website.

Address: Passauer Strasse 1 -3, 10789 Berlin 

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