Thursday, 13 September 2012

La Käserie

I really love this place! It opened in April and I recently read about it in the Exberliner newspaper and I can't believe I hadn't found it yet. It is a little pocket of the most perfect part of France. A lovely Frenchman, passionate about cheese and bread; an amazing selection of cheese and hams and the icing on the cake, the best baguette I have eaten outside of France. 

My son is pretty adventurous in his tastes and was excited to try the 8€ cheese and ham platter with as much baguette and the most perfectly salty butter as he and I could eat. He tried all the cheese but his favourite was the one on the top left corner, more of which we were willing furnished with by the aforementioned cheese loving Frenchman. He was delighted that there was a child in his cafe willing to enjoy a variety of French cheeses.

We sat outside enjoying the last of the late Summer warmth but when the colder days draw in there is a cosy interior to relax in and enjoy the food.

The whole place feels like a labour of love. In the toilet there are a series of framed photos showing the fitting out of the cafe and shop, which gives you a real feel of the place. An added bonus, despite the small nature of the toilet, is a large fold against the wall changing table.

Definitely one of my new favourite places here.

Address: Lychener Strasse 6,10437 Berlin

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