Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Akazienstrasse and surrounding area, Schöneberg

I had the chance to explore this area of Schöneberg and discovered a few interesting shops and places along the way. This area is very close to Kids Corner and worth a wander if you are there.

There seem to be a large selection of hippie type shops on this street. I can't say I saw anyone wearing this style of clothing but the shops are colourful and interesting to look at. There are lots of cafes, restaurants and wine shops along this street

On the crossroad of Grunewaldstrasse and Akazienstrasse there was a great little treasure trove of a toy shop called Kinder Sause.

Address: Grunewaldstrasse 16, 10823

As you continue over Grunewaldstrasse you enter Goltzstrasse with more shops and cafes.

I was delighted to find the Apfelgalerie, a shop selling a vast selection of apple varieties and at the right times of the year, season produce such as asparagus, strawberries, cherries, plums, pumpkins etc. It is a fantastic shop and reminds you of the importance of seasonal food. There is a great article about the shop on the Exberliner website

Address: Goltzstrasse 3, 10781 Berlin

At the end of Goltzstrasse is Winterfledplatz, which is the location for a twice weekly food market on Wednesday and Saturdays. More information here

It was great to see the Schöneberg branches (on Goltzstrasse) of Hobby Shop Wilhelm Ruther, which include the normal hobby shop, a bead and jewelry making shop and also a place where you can take thing to be fired.

I spotted this shop front of a place called Cafe Pink and after a bit of investigating discovered this is an intercultural meeting place for girls from age 10 to young women. This is their website if you are interested in the project.

There is a nice little playground about half way down Goltzstrasse.

Finally on Apostel Paulus Strasse there is a great secondhand and lovely handmade children's clothes and toy shop called Klix. It is the workshop for the Berlin label Glückstück.

Address: Apostel Paulus Strasse 1, 10823 Berlin

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