Monday, 29 October 2012

Cha Cha

I have walked past Cha Cha, a Thai restaurant, in the centre of the city a number of times and am always struck by its likeness to Wagamama's. There is bench style dining and also they have a similar tagline of 'positive eating'. My son and I were in the city so we decided to have lunch here. It can get very busy later on during the lunch period but when we arrived at 12 it was almost empty.

Once we had looked at the menu, I realised that it isn't a Wagamama rip off but an interesting Thai eating experience. Almost all of the dishes come in a large or small portion, which I like both from the point of view of eating with children and general lunchtime dining. 

There is a great children's menu (below is my son's choice) and all the children's dishes come with either apple or mango juice. But as a lot of the menu comes in smaller sizes, it is a great place to take children with a more adventurous palate. I was also impressed that the waitress advised me that I had ordered too much for us with the portion sizes.

I found the restaurant very family friendly and an enjoyable experience.

Address: Friedrichstrasse 63, 10117 Berlin

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