Sunday, 6 October 2013

Welcome to Expat Mummy in Berlin

I moved to Berlin from Copenhagen with my English husband and toddler in 2011.  I usually turn to the internet to find out the answers to most questions in life but struggled to find the information I needed to start to get my son and I integrated into life there. I had done the expat thing before but it is harder second time round with a child.

I felt that the Berlin mummysphere is hard to penetrate and I often simply didn't know where to find things out - and I don't think I was alone. 

By exploring both the internet and the real world, my son and I started to slowly find things and places that we needed to have fun, save money, meet other people, enjoy food and a multitude of other experiences. I wanted to help other English speaking mums new to the city , who may have been feeling like I was and that is where this blog came from.

I'm not for one second suggesting that this is the definitive guide to all things mum (and dad) and baby in Berlin especially as we were based in the Prenzlauer Berg area but it is a start and everything here has been tried and tested by me and my son. If we liked it, its here. There are a number of businesses mentioned here but none of them have been asked to be featured unless the post says it is a sponsored post. Everything is my personal opinion but I hope that it is of use to you.

So welcome and enjoy. I no longer live in Berlin but I think that the content here is still helpful.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Airbnb - city breaks for families

I hadn't heard of Airbnb until my husband found it via a web search for accommodation for our trip to Copenhagen. Copenhagen is infamous for its expensive hotel accommodation, especially if you need to travel with children. Airbnb offers you the chance to stay in a real home in many places across the world. For us it meant that we could stay in an apartment in the heart of our old neighbourhood with a bedroom for us and one for Noah plus a huge kitchen and beautiful living space for less than the price of a night in one room in a hotel. It made our trip very relaxing and enjoyable especially as there were toys for my son to play with.

Where we see more click here

I would certainly use Airbnb again. The admin side of it takes a bit of time as you need to register and, as you are asking to stay in someone's home, you need to make sure there is a bit of honest information about you on the members' section of the website so prospective renters can get a feel of you, but it is worth it. You can also list your own place for rental.

When friends are planning to visit us in Copenhagen, I would certainly recommend the place we stayed in.

This does sound a bit like a sponsored post (which it isn't) but I was so pleased with the opportunities that this website has opened to us for future city breaks and also that so few people I have mentioned it to have heard of it, I wanted to share it here.