About Expat Mummy

My name is Melanie and I moved to Berlin from Copenhagen in the autumn of 2011 with my English husband and son and we lived in Berlin until January 2013.  I would usually turn to the internet to find out the answers to most questions in life but struggled to find the information I needed to start to get my son and I integrated into life here. I have done the expat thing before but it was harder second time round with a child.

I had a feeling that the Berlin mummysphere was hard to penetrate and I often simply didn't know where to find things out - and I don't think its just me. 

By exploring both the internet and the real world, my son and I started to slowly find things and places that we needed to have fun, save money, meet other people, enjoy food and a multitude of other experiences. I wanted to help other English speaking mums new to the city , who may be feeling like I was and that is where this blog came from.

I'm not for one second suggesting that this is the definitive guide to all things mum (and dad) and child in Berlin especially as we were based in the Prenzlauer Berg area but it is a start and everything here has been tried and tested by me and my son. If we liked it, its here. There are a number of businesses mentioned here but most of them have not been asked to be featured . If there is a sponsored post I am upfront about it but it is still something that I feel is relevant or important. Everything is my personal opinion but I hope that it is of use to you.

Please note that I don't put in opening times or prices (where relevant) but link to the relevant website so that information does not becoming out of date here. Also I have not lived in Berlin since the end of 2012.

I was also the Berlin insider for luvaville.com and often wrote reviews exclusively for this website. All their city guides are great and well worth checking out if you are planning a city break. I regular contribute to other blogs and review sites - see links below.

So welcome and enjoy. Why not visit my current blog, Dejlige Days for a slice of Danish life.

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